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The Living focus group was facilitated by Johnna Gardner, leader of Tucker Civic Association’s TLC initiative. The conversation around the table was lively and thoughtful. As the group discussed what had value to them or what concerned them in the areas of Living, some core themes became evident:

Safety was mentioned as being very important. The need for better lighting and sidewalks was discussed, as well as the importance of crosswalks at our busy intersections.

Access to transportation is also important for living. It is necessary for citizens to have a way to get to services. Ideally, services would be within a walkable distance.

Appropriate housing is necessary for citizens to be able to remain in Tucker as they age. We need living options for all ages and for all levels of need.

Access to information is critical. There is a need for educational programs, directories of services, and multiple modes of sharing this information.

Access to recreation is also important to living a healthy and active life. We need more recreation options for all ages and abilities.