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The aging focus group was facilitated by Dr. Lois Ricci, a geriatric nurse practitioner and educator.

Health care availability in the area was discussed as an important issue. Not only is it important to have access to health care, it is critical to have health care providers who understand geriatrics.

The group also discussed having access to transportation, as well as the availability of affordable, accessible housing.

Community involvement also plays an important role in aging. The availability of social centers and services is crucial. Churches are also playing a big role in their support of aging Tucker. Community outreach to the homebound is very important as well.

Access to resources was also discussed as being important. The establishment of a directory of services would be very beneficial to the community.

Aging is an important topic. We are looking at a serious problem if something isn’t done about the “sequestration issue” at the federal level. The baby boomer generation will feel the impact of the cuts. Georgia is facing serious budget cuts to aging services. If you have aging parents, it could be important to you!